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Karyn Lee holds her Craftsman of Photographic Arts Designation with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)

About the CPA Designation

“A Craftsman of Photographic Arts designation is achieved by accumulating a required number of image and service merits.  PPOC members can earn merits in a variety of ways such as: image acceptance in the PPOC national image salon, accreditations, volunteering for the national association or its regions, attending photographic educational events, and by promoting professional photography.  PPOC Observers can accumulate service merits right away and once upgraded to Accredited will be eligilble for a Craftsman of Photographic Arts designation.  This designation is a trademark of PPOC and once earned a member in good standing can use the letters CPA after their name.  Returning something to the profession, which provides their livelihood, is part of the responsibility of holders of the CPA title.”

Karyn Lee is a Nationally Accredited in five categories:

About Accreditation

“Great photography is not about the camera, but about the person wielding it. A camera is simply a tool, but when it is combined with the talent, technique and artistry of an accredited professional photographer, the result is truly great photography. The members of PPOC make photographs that go beyond documentation. They create imagery that evokes an emotional response.Accredited Professional Photographers of PPOC are specialists in their chosen field of photography. Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer has been deemed capable of delivering image excellence in that field by a panel of their peers, which sets them apart as being industry leaders.Whether you are a corporation looking to take a product to market, a couple getting married, or a family wanting to preserve their memories, an Accredited Professional Photographer of PPOC is the only choice to achieve the photographic excellence you require.”



2015 National Image Salon

  • Golden Girls – Animals – Accepted

2014 National Image Salon (Click here to view the images from the 2014 National Image Salon)

  • Losing My Marbles – Experimental/Unclassified
  • Left Out In The Rain – Animals – Merit

2014 Alberta Provincial Image Salon (Click here to view the images from the 2014 Alberta Provincial Image Salon)

  • Losing My Marbles – Experimental/Unclassified – BEST IN CLASS AWARD
  • Left Out In The Rain – Animals – Accepted


2013 National Image Salon (Click here to view the images for the 2013 Image Salon)

  • Time To Face The Music – Child Portrait – Accepted
  • Through The Rabbit Hole – Experimental/Unclassified – Accepted
  • Circus of Colour – Fine Art/Decor – Accepted


“One of the cornerstones of the Professional Photographers of Canada is the PPOC Annual Image Salon. This salon showcases the best of the best. The most creative, the newest and most cutting edge, the finest technically executed, and the list goes on. This group of images is always inspiring to view and displays the level of excellence Canadian photographers have achieved. Some of the best photographic talent in the world live and work in Canada, and enter this image competition. Submitted images are judged by a group of very highly qualified, trained judges, all of whom have already achieved their PPOC Craftsman of Photographic Arts or Master of Photographic Arts designation. They have completed a PPOC Judging Clinic to prepare them for the process of objectively judging the images without any personal bias. This is not an easy task and PPOC is constantly striving to nurture and develop a strong group of qualified members to take on this difficult and taxing responsibility.”
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Karyn Lee is a member of CMpro

CMpro is an organization of professional women photographers and highly skilled artists who are passionate about photography, who are dedicated to learning and sharing, and whose work demonstrates creatively, vision, and artistic and technically excellence. From child and family photographers to wedding photographers, senior photographers, fine art photographers, and beyond, CMpro is a community rich in talent and diversity.

Karyn Lee is a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is a member-based association representing and promoting the community of professional child photographers. The NAPCP provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and rising professionals alike to share their experiences, hone their craft and raise their professional visibility.

NAPCP connects parents searching for child photographers with its members by providing a comprehensive directory and informative articles on what to expect from their professional photography experience.

Karyn Lee Portrait

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